Here we go again, the usual morning routine. I wake up and my hips feel stiff and sore, actually no, sore is too gentle….. it’s agony. The right hip is the worse. When I get out of bed I can barely straighten up. I walk like an old lady for a while and the stiffness goes but the fire is still in my hips and lower back.

In December 2016 I started getting alot of inflammatory pain in both my hips. It felt different to the pains I had previously had in my hips all those years ago. I started taking a cocktail of herbal tablets for my pains as I cannot take anti-inflammatory tablets due to having Gastritis. My GP put me on Duloxatine, an antidepressant which helps with pain. I was actually feeling fantastic, it was great being able to say that when people asked how I was feeling but then the hip pain started again. Thankfully my AS pains seemed to stay under control but gradually my hips started getting worse. I started having trouble walking upstairs, getting tired leg muscles as well as the pain. Not being able to walk for long. I already had issue of not being able to stand for long but sitting was also becoming very uncomfortable. At night it felt like I was sleeping on concrete, the pain was unbearable that I started putting off going to bed. I have been told by fellow Spoonies on Twitter this is called Painsomnia. If life was less complicated, yes I would sleep on my back but I can’t because the AS doesn’t allow it, it causes my back to stiffen.

Early 2017 I was x-rayed and told I had early stages of Osteoarthritis in both hips…… fantastic!

I thought this morning routine had finished when I started my Anti-tnf injections but its starting all over again!

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