Flare up and Miss Negativity is back!

I don’t think I will ever understand my body! It makes me so mad. Everytime I if think I’ve finally understood something I’m proved wrong for example understanding what causes a flare. Overdoing it, yes. Sitting or standing too long, yes. No damn reason, yes!!!!!!!!! I have it.

I don’t go out often, thanks to I always feeling tired (I always assumed due to work but I now know it’s fatigue) I used to give a night out with friends a miss, I then couldn’t be bothered to go out and I guess the eventually stopped asking. On those few occasions I did go I had a fantastic time but of course I starting having anxiety issues but that’s another story. What I was wanting to say was it felt and feels like I am always punished after having fun, crazy? Paranoia? Well it happens almost everytime and I guess I notice it more now. Yes Miss Negativity is back I know but here’s the evidence. Last night I went out with family and friends and had a fantastic time and a very late night. I woke up at who knows what time with a pain at the base of neck which I know know is called C7 of Cervical spine. I assumed I had just slept in a funny position.

When I eventually woke up I had pins and needles in my hands, I had forgotten to put my splint on my right hand (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). My neck was still sore especially at the base and had spread across my shoulders. To be honest I get a little nervous and worried when I get a new symptom. I’ve had similar before but this feels different and I have no idea if it’s the AS or Fibromyalgia! I guess it makes no difference really but I like to understand what is happening.

I’m not in agonising pain it’s more like a bruised pain and I can feel muscles getting tight and posture getting worse. Gradually through the day it’s spreading down my spine and my ribs. I want to avoid painkillers because they won’t help so going to try a hot bath, although if this is inflammation it’s going to make it alot worse!

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