Brain Fog

I don’t know what’s worse, the pain, the fatigue or the brain fog? What is brain fog? It’s something I would not wish on anyone!

I thought I’d try drawing what I imaging brain fog to look like. Brain fog also known as brain fatigue is an episode of mental confusion. It literally does feel like a fog and everything in your head is jumbled up. So much confusion can’t focus on anything. So much panic, not remembering where things are. I’ve panicked when I’ve not been able to find my keys or my phone then realise they are in my hand. Forgetting things in seconds. Entering a room and not remembering why. I know what you’re thinking that I forget things quickly too but this is truly different. Mentally I understand nothing when it gets so severe. I slur my words, sometimes I notice it, other times I only know because of the expression on the person’s face I’m talking to. “Oh my god I sound drunk what must they think of me”, I wonder. It’s depressing, I can only say I can imagine what dementia could feel like.

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) causes fatigue, the anti-tnf injections I take causes fatigue, I have Fibromyalgia, yep Fatigue, B12 deficiency also causes fatigue. Apparently IBS also does, what chance have I got to beat it? So imagine when all these things attack me at once. I wake up exhausted, fuzzy head, disorientated but the feeling doesn’t go away. Exercise, I’m told. Oh yes that does help, if you manage to find the energy to exercise in the first place. As I said to a physio a while back its false advice. It might give you energy but for people with conditions like ours it knocks you out the day after, sometimes for days.

The fatigue is bad enough but this brain fog is so frightening. Have I beaten it? No. Unfortunately I’ve tried it all. Pacing myself, exercise, diet, many products including D-Ribose unfortunately the only thing that has helped is antidepressants, yep two. Originally I was given Sertraline for the fatigue which helped a little. Then I was taken off it and given Duloxetine to help with my pain. In the Summer of 2017, so before I knew I had Fibromyalgia I started getting restless legs at night it bed, I was given Amitriptyline to help with this and finally my fatigue and brain fog is under control. I feel human again. For years I avoided antidepressants for my anxieties which also causes fatigue 😂 but now I wish I had taken them sooner. I feel like a new person, more confident and so much happier and positive.

My advice? Explore all possibilities. Do your research. Speak to other sufferers, share your experiences. Nobody can understand you more then a fellow Spoonie.

2 thoughts on “Brain Fog

    1. I totally understand. Although the pain is unbearable you know what to expect but with Brain Fog you can reach a dangerous point of not knowing what you are doing and can easily put yourself and others in danger when you’re so confused.

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