Do I or don’t I?

So the past few weeks (Easter Holidays) haven’t exactly gone to plan, nothing new there. Everyone in the household has been ill with chest infections and I’ve been feeling rough and anxious that I might get it too. Being on Anti-tnf weakens the immune system so more prone to infections. Remarkably though I’ve not got it, I’ve just generally felt rubbish, had sore throat, sinus headaches killing so generally spend all day for over a week doing nothing. I know, not good but just can’t be bothered so of course as expected my lower back and hips are killing me.

So the “Do I or don’t I” use a walking aid?

See with me when I feel like this I feel worse walking and definitely if I’m standing still. So was contemplating buying a walking stick as on Sunday I was so bad I had to use an umbrella to keep me steady and then shopping trolley. Today I tried a crutch my mum had been given after a knee replacement. I felt so old…..I’m in my 40’s, I’m not all. I saw my reflection in a shop window and thought oh my god!

It didn’t make the pain any better but when I got a jolt of pain at least it kept me steady. So I don’t know what to do. Do I buy one of those folding walking sticks? I don’t think I can carry anything else in my back to be honest, I have a great little Tens machine in my handbag then I forget I have it so do I need anymore nonsense in my bag?

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