Too exhausted to cope

Yesterday was an emotional day, it would have been grandads birthday. He passed away 9 months ago so still grieving but his wife of 70 years, my grandmother, passed away last week. I hope they are together now.

I went to see the fatigue specialist physio and I got emotional telling her I now have weakness in arm muscles aswell as my legs and I’m so scared of becoming bed bound as I’m feeling like what’s the point…..It was the first time I said it out load and it was infront of my father. I don’t like being so open infront of my parents. I only have to hold something light for a few seconds & arm muscles hurt.

Today I have no energy to get out of bed, I’m exhausted by yesterdays trip to the hospital in London. This #chronicfatigue is draining me more then my pain which thankfully is mild at the moment. I don’t want to get up or wash or dress or eat. I’ve had so many pyjama days past few weeks which is just not me! Dealing with the grief of the passing of my gran onto of being ill and exhausted was just too much to handle?

Does anyone have any tips to share especially if you’re also in employment?

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