Have I gone insane?

So I have finally decided what to do to raise awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis money for the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) but I must have had an insane moment. As I have mentioned in previous posts, for several years I have suffered from really bad anxiety. It took over and destroyed me to the point of not understanding anything when I was diagnosed with AS. I was to busy being relieved that I would not need to have an MRI, I was terrified of enclosed spaces.

I’m raising money for NASS because they have helped me so much since I was diagnosed nearly six years ago. I joined one of their groups for hydrotherapy and physio sessions. I knew I could call whenever I needed advice. They have also helped me during a very upsetting time at work. I have seen what this charity does first hand.

The past few years, things have been getting a little better thanks to medication, CBT therapy and hypnotherapy. I think the thing that has made me the stronger and more determined to fight was the death of my grandfather. That might sound strange but he always gave me strength and encouragement. Nine months later his wife, my grandmother also passed away. The two most important people in my life after my parents had gone. After my grandmothers death and ongoing work related stress I started spiralling downhill again but I am starting to pick myself back up slowly.

So in a moment of feeling extremely motivated and happiness I saw an advertisement to climb the O2 arena in London. Its an amazing structure, 52 meters high which apparently represents each week of the year and 365 meters in circumference. I have actually never seen it close up but it is huge.

So after a quick chat with a friend who supprisingly also wants to climb this tent like structure I booked two spaces for us to climb in September, so only for weeks to panic, “What the hell have I done?” so watch this blog, I will post a follow up after the event if I survive but it would be great to get some sponsorship please click here to sponsor me.

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